Terms and Conditions

The Customer in this contract warrants that they are the owner of the vehicle(s) and have the authorization to transport said vehicle gives permission to JAG Autologistics LLC to have said vehicle(s) transporter from pickup to destination who I hire as a broker to transport my vehicle(s) boat or heavy freight equipment. JAG Autologistics LLC is responsible for making sure all carriers are licensed and insured up to date as vehicles transported are insured with assigned carrier who does a thorough inspection on pickup and delivery of vehicle(s). Any damage incurring during the transport, carrier will assume ALL liability including paying the deductable owed, if any owed in the insurance claim. Or compan agrees to have all of our insurance, license, permits, bond current and valid to perform the transport service on all orders. Customer agrees to pay the contracted amount listed in the order confirmation, ie deposit, cod amounts with NO HIDDEN COSTS. Customer deposit due at the time of dispatch of vehicle(s).

COD’s are standard and payable in the form of a cashiers check, money order or cash on delivery. The driver will provide customer a receipt on delivery. If carrier shows up at location and vehicle is not available or ready for pick up, a dry run fee is charged 75. to the customer. Rare occassion if a customer pickup or delivery contact is unavailable(no one there on pickup or delivery), customer waives the right for claim if not noted on pickup inspection. Carrier insurance does not cover any personal items left inside vehicle. Any ez pass or highway toll devices must be taken out as any charges to these are customer responsibility. Carrier insurance does not cover hail, weather Conditions, loose parts or rocks kicked up from motion during the transport not resulting from the carrier’s negligence. Any claims would be made immediately and no later than 24 hours after delivery.

If you are shipping a Classic vehicle $45,000 or more, we recommend that you use an enclosed carrier as we provide those as well as the insurance coverage on an open carrier may not cover the damage if more than the coverage as your vehicle will be outside exposed to the elements not endured on an enclosed carrier. If shipping to Hawaii, Alaska or any other international destinations, you will be abiding by the shipping lines and Conditions when the vehicle(s) are being transported via shipping line or vessel. Customer must receive all terms and Conditions and requirements or instructions for international and offshore shipments as they may offer insurance as an add on for offshore transports. The customer also agrees to list vehicle year, make, model as well as any modifications such as lifts, larger tires, items on top, or around the vehicle.

THE CUSTOMER VEHICLE(s) ARE COVERED BY THE CARRIER’S INSURANCE, JAG AUTO TRANSPORTERS IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DAMAGES, LOSS, DEDUCTIBLES OR CLAIMS NOT COVERED BY THE CARRIERS INSURANCE and the contracted customer agrees not to hold JAG Auto Transporters liable in the case of any damage or claim and will not initiate any legal claim against JAG Autologistics LLC. Any claim of damages must be noted and signed on the Conditions report at the time of delivery. Signing the carriers bill of laiding at the destination without notation of damages shall be evidence of satisfactory delivery of vehicle(s). Any claims/damages must be made at the day of delivery and must be reported to the designated carrier and broker immediately.

The following items are not allowed in the vehicle(s) at the time of shipment: firearms, explosives, ammunition, flammables,, contraband, drugs, pets, as our license is to transport vehicles and not personal household goods.